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Ace Attorney Replay!

The Ace Attorney Group Playthrough Community
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A group marathon of all the Ace Attorney games
aa_replay is a community created to organize a group playthrough of all five currently released Ace Attorney games, in order of release (mostly because it makes the banner nice and symmetrical :B)! Anyone can join at any time during the run, and likewise it's okay to drop out for a case or several and come back later. It's going to be a long haul, and obviously people have their own things to take care of, so don't worry!

The playthrough will run from Sunday, September 19 through Saturday, December 18.

Handy Intra-Community Links:
The Schedule
The Signup Post
which is actually completely superfluous, you don't have to sign up to participate :P

The mod (hey that's me!) will make a general discussion post for each case as we come to it, for gameplay help and squee and meta and plot bunnies and all those good things. The play rate is set at approximately an hour of gameplay per day, as calculated from a set of Youtube videos. Speaking of which, for those who have lost/sold/let someone borrow their copies of various games (or never owned certain entries in the first place), or have DSes in the shop or WHATEVER, here are Youtube links to playthroughs of all the games if you'd like to follow along:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney playlist
Justice for All playlist
Trials and Tribulations playlist
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney playlist
AA Investigations: Miles Edgeworth playlist

For those who really want to play the games themselves but can't find a copy anywhere, the first game is on the iPhone for $5, and the original trilogy is available as WiiWare for $10 each (with Rise from the Ashes as a $1 DLC for the first game).