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Ace Attorney Replay!

Sorry for lateness. Thanksgiving, argh. So we're really dead right…

The Ace Attorney Group Playthrough Community

A rundown of how the marathon is going to work is on the community's profile page.

Please pimp this comm as much as you can! Draw your flists in! More people means more fun!

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Sorry for lateness. Thanksgiving, argh.

So we're really dead right now. Do we want a break, some catch-up time? Any other suggestions for how to get people hyped up again?

Official 3-5 Discussion Post

So who else thought Dahlia had a split personality the first time they played?
  • Ah! Ah! Me! I thought it! Iris, so adorable... Dahlia, so eeeeeevil...

    In all honesty this is the best case ever. I mean, I missed the discussion on the last case, and regret it because I'm a Miego maniac. But really? Yeah. This is the best case ever because you get ALL THREE PROSECUTORS IN THE SAME PLACE. And Godot calls Franziska "Lady von Whippingberg." And Edgeworth is downright cuddly when he's a defense attorney. And Phoenix has THREE love interests. And Gumshoe sings reggae. And Franziska not only whips Edgeworth, but whips Larry into unconsciousness, both of which I'd been waiting for since AA. And augh there is nothing that compares.

    I hope people want to just redo all of T&T because I'm seriously the only one who cares.
    • I love this case so much. 1-5 beats it by just a hair in my eyes, but this is a fabulous case.

      I would be up for redoing T&T if people would like, as it's my favorite of the games and I want to talk about it more.
    • Haha, if we redo T&T, I might be able to keep up this time. I'm half way through 3.3.
  • Oh I definitely loved the last case - I actually did not notice a change in Iris' behaviour at all... I was a bit like 'oh, why is she trying to pin the blame on Maya' but apart that I was really, really stupid. XD

    Did anyone else just not get Godot's plan, at all? I was so confused the first time, and I had to really pay attention the second time to get the gist of it...

    But yeah, I loved all the characters in this case. ^^ Especially Franziska's and Gumshoe's interaction with Phoenix. 'So if Americans run out of paint, they use gravy.' Oh, Franziska... XD

    Now to find the DS. ;)
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