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I guess everyone really is doing NaNo? Wish I knew what to do to…

The Ace Attorney Group Playthrough Community

A rundown of how the marathon is going to work is on the community's profile page.

Please pimp this comm as much as you can! Draw your flists in! More people means more fun!

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I guess everyone really is doing NaNo? Wish I knew what to do to raise interest again.

Official 3-3 Discussion Post

  • I watched bits of this on Youtube already as research for my ill-fated NaNo, but I did notice something interesting. When you break Viola's psychelocks about Tigre's real reason for sticking with her, she says something about him doing awful things to get the money he needed, and her loving him so much she just went along with it.

    What do you think? Does Viola really dislike the violence/murder method Tigre had going? But she does keep offering Phoenix and Maya stuff that's implied to be poisoned, and she's part of presumably the most powerful mob family in the AA-verse. Was she sincere, or was she just helping cover her tracks so she'd get off easy for her part in the murder (not that she was likely to get convicted anyway, since I think Gumshoe even says the police can't touch the Cadaverini family)?
    • I kind of saw Viola as inherently evil like her grandpa and Tigre, but dumb in love... so of COURSE Phoenix feels bad for her. But I think she was probably jaded to Tigre's methods. What I don't understand is how she could be in love with that fake tan. Maybe the roaring turned her on.

      I can't decide which is my favorite part of this case: Gumshoe busting in to save Phoenix and Maya from Tigre... or Godot in court. "Hiding the poison in the aromatic depths of coffee. Classy lady." (That's a lie, I know exactly which is my favorite, but Gumshoe sure is adorable.)
      • See, that's what I thought too, but I'd forgotton about her little speech there. I like her better evil, though :P

        This case sure is ironic if you've played the game before! Man, Godot...
        • And if you haven't figured out who Godot is yet, that line helps you figure it out. XD
  • I've been out because I can't find my DS charger. It's a small tragedy, really.
  • I was going to take part but then I forgot about it, and started playing 3-5... XD

    Anyway, I really didn't like this case. I think it was mainly because of old man Kudo throwing seeds and being a pervert, along with the frilly waitress waiter and everything else...

    Although I do like the bit when Godot doesn't see the ketchup 'bloodstain' on the apron - I was like 'AHHHH!!' later on when I played it again ;)
  • Possibly we ought to slow it down a bit again? I'm so behind but I have so much to say about this game ;_;
    • Hmm, I'm a bit worried that slowing it down further will just kill it more, with people forgetting and the whole thing eating up even more time...

      But if people have things to say I don't want to leave them out. I'll ask the comm for opinions when the next case goes up.
      • Maybe not slowing it down, but a break? Like I said, I have tons of things to say about this game, I'm just so behind ;-;
  • Is this the Viola and Furio Tigre case? 8D
    i played this part just a few months ago. I got to say i really love Jean Armstrong, he is sooo hilarious! xDDD
    and not to mention it is very refreshing to see Maya in something else other than that spirit medium uniform.
    • If you are afraid people are forgetting this comm exist, you can just pimp it to the gyakuten_saiban comm once every... three months? to be honest i know about this comm but i forgot about its existence till just a moment ago. xD
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