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Ace Attorney Replay!

Wow, that went by really fast O_o Sorry for the lateness! Here's a…

The Ace Attorney Group Playthrough Community

A rundown of how the marathon is going to work is on the community's profile page.

Please pimp this comm as much as you can! Draw your flists in! More people means more fun!

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Wow, that went by really fast O_o Sorry for the lateness! Here's a fun one

Official 2-4 Discussion Post

For all your discussing needs! Or something! Feel free to post:
  • Entertaining quotes!

  • Thought-provoking meta!

  • Wild crack theories!

  • Plot bunnies!

  • Wild Mass Guess for De Killer

  • BEARS!

  • Matt vs. Juan: How gay is it?

  • Anything and everything else!

Have at it! And have fun!

    Sooo, the thing I did for 1-5? I did it for this case too. Aaand it's one of my favourites in the whole series, so I had... quite a bit to say. Here, have my thoughts in a linkdump with screenshots and hopefully amusing commentary. 8D

    There's No Bit Before It Gets Interesting
    Scrolling Text.
    Depressing Point: Reached
    King Dickbag II
    Matty & Stitch
    Might Contain Deadly Amounts of Awesome

    S-Shut up I don't have issues

    not that many of them

    I-I only have headcanon for de Killer because. Stuff. ;;;

    A-Also if anyone made icons out of some of these screencaps I would be eternally grateful
  • Ever since I first played through this case which totally wasn't like a month ago I can not get the image of Edgeworth lugging that massive teddy bear with the camera in it out of the room. The thing's like, one and a half times his size, I can't imagine he had an easy time carrying it. The thought amuses me.
  • PEARLS! (I had to skip 2-2 and 2-3 to catch up, so this is very exciting for me)

    I'll be back with something more substantive later, perhaps.

    I gotta say, though, I don't particularly like kids, but this series is great in that just about all of the younger characters are completely awesome/lovable/both.
  • So much love for this case. Everyone really shines here.

    - Adrian's story still really hits home for me.

    - Poor Pearl. After Phoenix having her channel Mia so she wouldn't have to see her mother testify in 2-2, it's practically karma that she'd have to witness all these heavy, horrible facts of life afterward. Phoenix even notes at one point that Pearl is finally seeing how cruel the world can be. An echo of one of last case's themes as well, perhaps?

    - I'm convinced that Edgeworth had the same co-dependency problem as Adrian, but with Manfred von Karma as his lost "pillar of strength." The parallels of imitating and highly regarding his mentor, along with him telling Adrian "If you're going to say you would 'choose death', that is no concern to me" kind of seals it for me. Plus that part in 1-4, when he shows up to testify about his father's murder, and von Karma has that knowing "just as planned" grin? Yeah.

    When he calls Adrian out on her "illness", while there's no doubt that it was largely out of getting his job done, I also think it was him confronting and tearing down who he was in the past.

    - Wonder if Gumshoe ever considered a career in engineering.

    - Pearl has such a talent for repeating sentences accurately, she could be a journalist. Or an interrogator, since she's so good at intimidating. I'd play Pearl Fey: Ace Interrogator.

    - Matt: "I mean, dude, what kind of ninja carries a guitar!?" Son, you don't know shit about ninjas.

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