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Question for all y'all

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A rundown of how the marathon is going to work is on the community's profile page.

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Question for all y'all

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Okay, so, I'm going to lay off on putting up the 2-2 post tonight. Obviously, a lot of us are behind and the discussion's kind of petered out.

So, what are your opinions on relaxing the schedule? I was thinking maybe adding in a week break between games, or something like that. Other suggestions are certainly welcome. We don't really HAVE to finish before Christmas, and we can work out what kind of holiday hiatus we might like to have.

Or, if a lot of people want to charge on ahead as planned, we could do that too. I'd just like to hear your thoughts.
  • I'm still on 1-3. :I

    I don't really have the time to play that much, and with class and homework, even playing an hour a night is asking a lot. I'd really like a holiday hiatus of sorts since I do have free time then, and I'm sure some other people might have less due to family stuff.
    • I'm also on 1-3, right at the beginning of the second trial day.

      How long around Christmas-time do you suppose we should take off? Are there any participants celebrating other winter holidays?
  • A week break between games sounds like a good idea to me.
  • I like the idea of a break; I'm falling behind. ;o;
  • I think a week break between games is a good idea. Gives people behind some time to catch up, and it gives the people who are keeping up some time to do something else on the train for a few days. :)
  • My friends and I are still pretty behind due to college stuff. We're just now getting ready to start 1-4 haha.
  • A week break sounds good. And maybe allow a bit more time for cases like 1-5/2-4/3-5?
    • Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Presenting everything and wandering around/forgetting what you're supposed to do eats up a lot of time in the longer cases.
      • Especially 2-4, since some parts you had to present the most inane evidence to get anywhere. 8)
  • Hello, just found this comm and, as someone who discovered the AA series quite late - like, one month ago - I'd love to join in. Would it be considered necroing the past threads if I were to post there? Would it be better to wait for the 'Justice for All' section to get started? I don't mind either way. Thanks.
    • Not at all. You can join in anywhere, anytime you like.
    • Yes, exactly, feel free to comment anywhere :P

      Bit of a heads-up, though: I don't know how far you've played through the series (although if you got through all five games in a month I applaud you), but if you HAVEN'T finished them all, we have a tendency to spoil a lot, since most of us have played the games before, sometimes multiple times. Just be aware, and be cautious if you're worried about spoilers!
      • Thank you so very much.

        I've played them all like a demented maniac and am currently replaying them to get to the 'mistakes' dialogues I missed and the 'present everything to everyone' dialogues. Besides, I don't mind spoiling at all. :)

        Edited at 2010-10-08 04:20 pm (UTC)
  • I'm caught up (well into 2:2, though not near the end yet), but I've been spending an awful lot of time on it! So a more relaxed schedule would be fine with me. Besides, it might give me more time to play the games in English and Japanese (playing in one language always makes me want to play the other).
  • Admittedly, I'm only replaying the cases I like or that have direct importance to the overall story (feel free to chide me) because I only have so much time and enough other projects that I have to tackle at the same time.

    Maybe a slow down would be helpful.

    Oh, and sara_tanaquil, you are made of awesome for your comparison points between the versions. I was aware of some of the things you pointed out, but some I had never really thought about too much, let alone the things I didn't know about. So... THANKS! I guess is what I'm trying to say.
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